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     With a Barudan 12 Head, a Tajima 6 Head and 2 single head Star machines we have the capacity
to serve all your embroidery needs.

     Our Barudan ZME 12 head 9 needle machine has the capacity to run flats and caps at the same
time. We use the Barudan for larger orders and can run this precision machine at more than 1000
stitches per minute.

     For medium size orders we use our Tajima TMEDC 6 head 9 needle machine. It has the capabilities to run hats at 280 degrees. This machine can also be changed over to run flat goods.
       We have two Star/Melco single head machines. These machines are perfect to run samples and for single items like names, numbers, and monograms. When needed, we can run all twenty heads on the
same design. On a recent order we were able to produce nearly 100 dozen pieces during one shift.

     Attention to the smallest detail ensures your complete satisfaction. We use top quality thread from
Madeira USA to ensure a perfect color match and use only the best needles and backing available.

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